Our system helps companies stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability.

Provide time-saving tools to your sales force

Give your sales team the resources they need to close more deals more quickly and reduce friction in the sales process. Data from more than 20 million companies are automatically added to your contact records.

They will have all the information necessary to follow up with the correct leads at the right time if your salespeople have tools that alert them as soon as a prospect opens their email or visits your website.

Take your business to the next level!

Clientuity helps you manage all of your sales processes for its entire duration from the moment you first make contact to the final transaction. Our software also can offer you after-sales support. With Clientuity at any time you can view a complete overview of all your potential sales, this process itself can be partially automated, a number of tasks can be set to complete and execute themselves automatically.

When you break it all down, Clientuity is all about its people.

There is this notion that to expand a business, you will have to be ruthless. But we know that there are better ways to grow. One way where what is good for the bottom line is also good for your customers. We belive that businesses can expand with a conscience, and succeed with a soul, and that they can do it with inbound. That is why we made a platform by combining software, and community to help businesses expand more and more every day.


To enable your work to run smoothly: we take care of the servers and all the necessary infrastructure so you can focus on your business.


Ability to restrict the access rights to individual parts of the system for users or groups of users who have a record of activity in the system.


Strict security standards: security room, backups in another location, database copying for each client, and the possibility of restricting access to IP addresses.

Happy Clients!

“Clientuity has helped us save time and close more deals on a consistent basis. The ability to easily keep track of our files, communication and happy employees have been a blessing for helping us to use our time and serve our customers more efficiently.”

Jasmin Haze

“Having seen the results Clientuity, it eliminates the need for disparate tools, brings everything together in one easy-to-use platform and delivers measurable results.”

Maryann Russo

Clientuity offers a powerful suite of tools that every marketing team must have. And if you get stuck, their support team will help out. I’m using Clientuity to manage the entire Big Wheel files.”

Rene Rogers

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